Ease of Use
User rating
Pros: Really easy to work with, dries fast, and is a great shade of dark wax. Priced really well at around $7-8 and it will last for quite awhile.
Cons: Depending on the color you are after, don't expect this to be super dark for a very dramatic aged look on lighter furniture.

Minwax Special Dark Finishing Paste Review

I started off using the Annie Sloan wax on my chalk painted pieces but at $28 a can, I was hoping I could find a cheaper alternative. I paid $7 for my can of Minxwax dark paste and used it on a recent furniture painting project and the results were almost identical to the other more expensive brands out there. I did notice however, that this dark paste wasn’t quite as dark as Annie Sloan dark paste, so I won’t be giving up my Annie Sloan anytime soon..but it is nice knowing I have a second shade of wax to choose from.

This wax works marvelously on painted pieces where you used black or some other dark color but it also does a really good job on lighter colored pieces where you want to give an aged or antique look.

To use this wax, use a natural bristle brush and with a very thin layer of wax on it, brush in a circular motion all over the furniture piece. Trust me, this stuff goes a long way so you want to keep it very thin or you’ll end up with a goopy mess. Basically if you can see the wax, you’ve used too much.

I find that Minwax dries quite quickly which means your project can be completed sooner, giving you time to tackle even more but I would suggest buffing fairly soon after you apply it. I wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes.  You can use a hand held electrical buffer like this one for large areas but it works quite well with basic hand-rubbed buffing using a microfiber cloth or even just an old soft t-shirt. Any soft cloth will do.

If you are working on a furniture piece that is only partly painted and part of it is showing bare wood, this dark wax is great to cover those old nicks and scratches in the wood surface. It really seals up the bare wood wonderfully.


What can I say about cleanup? It’s a lot like other products, just a little mineral spirits or even just soap and water will clean it up in no time. I like to hang mine up to dry over night with the brushes down and it’s ready to use the next day.

Minwax Special Dark Paste Finishing Wax Specs

  • 1 lb. container
  • Works on furniture, woodwork, antiques, and cabinets
  • Recommended to use just one coat for painted surfaces and two coats for untreated wood
  • Best results when applied with a natural bristle wax brush
  • Dries in 15 – 20 minutes
  • Cleanup with mineral spirits


If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative furniture wax, the Minwax Special Dark Paste Finishing Wax is fantastic. It’s not as dark as the more expensive brands but hey you might like the look. Just remember to buff soon after application and you will have a beautiful end result.