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Pros: Gave some great examples of some shabby chic techniques that sell well. Also introduces some great new tools that you may not know about already.
Cons: Price was affordable at only $39 but was lacking quite a bit of information that would have been helpful to someone new to starting a business. Video quality was not great, sound problems and lighting issues are distracting.

Shabby Chic Furniture For A Living

Even though I don’t really refinish furniture for a business, I get asked a lot by people who see what I’ve done how to possibly turn their hobby into a business. As for me personally, I already hold down a full time job plus another side home based business I run as well. While I’m not running my furniture painting as a business, I do know a lot about running a business in general.

Most likely starting a furniture refinishing business would be similar to starting any other business and I’m sure I could offer loads of advice, but I also remember seeing some course titles on Udemy that addresses this exact interest. I thought I’d try a course or two just to see how they were and if I would recommend them to my readers.

The course I decided to give a try was called How to French Shabby Chic Furniture For a Living. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a how to on how to give the shabby chic effect, but instead was more interested in how to actually run and operate a business selling furniture.

The course is priced at $39 so I wasn’t expecting a ton of information for such a little price point but here are my own personal thoughts on the course.

The first section of the course is a quickie crash course on setting up your business. The course mentions setting up your website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. It also goes over finding a name and getting some of your collateral materials together. I found this area of the course to be lacking. There was a lot of “do this” but no real direction or instruction on what to do with the accounts once you have them. Perhaps the course intends for you to take a social media course separately? I will add that I enjoyed seeing her workspace in this section and she shows her working space through the course.

The second section was a bit more interesting. There was a video tour of a “shopping” day and she shows you some of the places she goes to find her furniture that she uses to turn shabby chic.

The third section covers some basic tips for creating a shabby chic finish on furniture. At first I was a bit disappointed because there was no video showing the process, however, as I went further into the course, especially into section 4, she went into much more detail and included video on various process like making your own modge podge, decoupaging, upholstering seats and using chalk paint. While I was mainly looking for business information, this was a nice added area to watch.

Overall, it’s a decent, but not great course. The videos really need some polishing and editing as some were recorded very loud and some you can barely hear and the quality of picture itself was fairly poor. However, as far as information goes, she introduced me to some new sites that I would find helpful in starting a business and does several good demo’s on some tools such as GumTree¬†and ipiccy. From a value standpoint, I would give this a better rating for price if it were closer to $29 instead of $39 but still a decent value for the information shown.

Have you taken the course? What did you think about it?