My Home: A Dining Room Makeover

You may have seen my recent dining room table project. If not definitely take a peek because it turned out beautiful, it’s my new favorite piece of painted furniture. I thought I’d just do an update post to let you guys know what the inspiration behind that is so you can follow this series if […]

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Review

With a name like Bulls Eye 1-2-3 you know this stuff has to be on the mark and easy to use, right. Well it truly is. It really works great on all wood surfaces and other surfaces with some texture to it, even concrete. I don’t have much concrete in my home but I do […]

Painted Furniture Controversy: A Message to all my Paint Haters

Normally, I try to remain bubbly…I try to share tutorials, projects or ideas, but today…today I must fizzle out the bubble and vent just a little. WARNING: Rant Incoming! I was recently watching a youtube tutorial from fellow furniture painter Christen Bensten and I thought the video was great so I scrolled down to leave […]

Painted and Upholstered Wingback Chair Reveal

Last week I showed off my latest yard sale find, which was this old wingback chair with yucky and ripped up stripe fabric but it had a wonderful solid wood foundation to work with. I’ve finally finished it and I’ve got a ton of pictures and information to share with you. First, let’s recall how […]

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe – Plaster of Paris

I love to paint furniture…obviously. What I’ve really started to love is chalk paint. I’ve been addicted to Annie Sloan chalk paint specifically. I can’t get enough. Sadly…I’ve been informed that my addiction to ASCP is causing my husband to develop a complex about our bank account. So what’s an ASCP addicted girl to do? […]

New Wingback Upholstered and Painted Chair Project

I’ve been pouring through our local yard sale Facebook page again and came across this really lovely chair. I’ve been looking for a fun chair project to do since I’ve mostly been stuck on tables and nightstands for the last couple of months. I was hoping for a wood chair in good solid condition and […]

How to Paint Wood Furniture

Learning how to paint wood furniture is easy! If you own a piece of wood furniture that has seen better days or you just want to add a splash of color to your furniture piece, keep reading to find how to paint wood furniture.

Wooster Brush Review

If you’ve been looking for a good thick brush with strong bristles, the Wooster Brush could be a great choice for you. I came across the Wooster brush while looking for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive waxing brushes. I picked it up on Amazon for about $14 and this little baby is very […]