My Home: A Dining Room Makeover

You may have seen my recent dining room table project. If not definitely take a peek because it turned out beautiful, it’s my new favorite piece of painted furniture. I thought I’d just do an update post to let you guys know what the inspiration behind that is so you can follow this series if you like.

My dining room is awful. No really…it is. In fact, it’s not even a dining room, it’s more of a storage room and bedroom to my dog. I don’t even want to show this picture, but to be completely honest and transparent with you of just how much of a makeover this room needs…

Dreaded Dining Room Before

We aren’t really the type of family who sits down at a formal table and eats together. Typically, dinner is usually my husband and I sitting down at our small kitchen table that only seats 3 and a high-chair while my older son sort of grabs something and then runs away quickly to play Call of Duty or something else.

Since I’ve had no use for a dining room, I’ve simply let it be my collector room where I put everything that I don’t know what to do with or too afraid to let sit out in the garage. But no more!

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to start working on creating a dining room that my family would enjoy eating in and that I could finally take the curtain down that I use to hide the room from anyone who comes to my house. I had absolutely no plan in place, no colors picked out, no style…basically nothing thought out.

I had a dresser that I turned into a red painted buffet table¬†and then decoupaged the drawers fronts with a red and black rose motif. I love red, I really do and I thought this was how I would go. My little red buffet has been sitting my dining room waiting for me to finish cleaning out all the items I’m storing as well as find a suitable dining table.

When I found my new dining table I considered going with red or black to match the buffet table. I had already done the work on the buffet and figured I had to make something to match. The truth is however, as much as I love that buffet, as I stepped back and considered the rest of my house, I wasn’t sure a red and black dining room was really the direction I wanted to go.

After mulling it over for quite some time I decided I couldn’t just throw stuff together and have it turn out well. I needed a plan. My goal is create something that is family friendly, light and airy but still looks like a dining room that I can be proud of.

Dining Room Color Palette

I started off making myself a color palette that includes the same wood stain I used on my table, several colors that I think will go well together as well as two fabrics I found that should work for the room as well. What I love about this little design palette is that the fabric that I have in mind for the chair cushions is this sort of toile pattern which may make it seem a bit old fashioned but then I added a green sparkly mesh fabric to use as accents to sort of modernize and glam it up a bit. The mustard yellow color, it’s only a representation of the color I have in mind, but mostly I plan to add a sort of amber hue to the room through amber glass that I have some already or can pick up fairly inexpensively. So trust me, I don’t plan on painting any mustard yellow in my room. Here’s an idea of what I mean by Amber…

Amber Candles

As for the red buffet, it obviously doesn’t fit the new color palette so I will either give it to a friend of mine who I know does red in her dining room or I’m going to repaint my painted furniture. I will let you know what I do with it, but suffice to say, the red is gone and I’m moving on!

Over the next few weeks…okay scratch that, I know myself, let’s just say months, I will keep updating you all on my progress of my dining room since this is the first real room in my house I will be making over. Also, for anyone living in an apartment or rental home, this will be helpful to you too. Since I rent, I can’t paint walls or change anything permanent so all of my decorating has to be renter friendly. Hopefully I can pass along some ideas to you.

Until then, happy painting!

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