Hand-Me-Down Armoire to Entertainment Center Painted Furniture Makeover

Armoire to Entertainment Center Makeover

I’ve had a huge solid wood armoire for quite some time. In fact, it was given to me by my mother several years before she passed away. It has a lot of sentimental value to me because of that, but it doesn’t serve much of a functional purpose to us currently. Since our move into our new house, it’s been sitting in our garage waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I can’t tell you the guilt I have for not using it. I can see mom shaking her finger at me quite clearly.

It’s a nice piece of furniture and has several drawers and shelves making it perfect for storing clothing. Lucky for us, we have a giant walk in closet with built-in’s, so we have no need for a clothing armoire any longer. As you can see though, the insides don’t make it very useful for anything other than short stack storage.

Inside of Armoire

What we really needed was a place to put our TV, my oh-so-vintage Atari system and plenty of movies and games. In deciding on the decorating direction of my bedroom, I know I want to keep it romantic and beautiful. I don’t want cords showing or even a TV on display. That means finding a TV center that can be closed up when we aren’t watching it. Unfortunately, a brand new TV armoire wasn’t in the budget.

Right now, our bedroom is far from romantic and beautiful. In fact, the TV currently sits on top of my jewelry box as a makeshift TV stand and that sits in front of a side table that basically serves to hold the Blu-ray player and random movies. Absolutely no organization whatsoever and totally NOT romantic. Yes this is a sad little TV setup I will admit.

Makeshift TV Stand

I had the idea to gut the inside of the armoire by removing the top shelf but was a bit concerned our TV wouldn’t fit. After taking some measurements, I found that did in fact fit perfectly, with exactly 1/2 an inch to spare. How perfect!

I started out by using my Black & Decker Matrix Drill with the jig saw attachment and cut straight up the middle of the top shelf. This worked great until I got to the end of the shelf and because of the back panel, I couldn’t actually cut all the way to the end. I ended up having to make a second cut to the left of the middle and hook it to the right to take the major chunk of wood out and the rest just sort of fell out due to not having the force there to hold it. It was messy, but it worked. If you’ve never checked out the matrix drill, I highly recommend trying it out. I have several attachments for it including the sander head and the drill head and I use them quite regularly without having to own a bunch of different power tools.

After giving it a quick wipe down to get the cobwebs off it, I removed all of the old tarnished hardware and gave it all a nice even spray of my trusty oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I know, I use this a lot but it’s the metal of choice in my house. You really could use any finish of your choosing when working on your own pieces.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware

I whipped out my can of Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint. I love chalk paint almost as much as I love chocolate so I use it a lot. Chalk paint requires absolutely no prep work and it goes on nice and thick. Normally I make my own chalk paint, but I had almost a full can of this left from earlier this year and I wanted to use it up.

I knew I would be lightly distressing this piece to go with the style of the bedroom I am envisioning so I did two fairly thin coats of the paint. It was the perfect amount of cover.

Old White Chalk Paint

Next, I did an all over coating of Annie Sloan’s clear wax to give it a slight shine and some protection.

To give it a more aged feel, I lightly sanded up some of corners and edges where the wood was raised. I didn’t do too much sanding on the flat surfaces really because I only wanted a light distress this time around.

Distressed Effect


Lastly, I reattached the hardware with the newly painted surfaces plus I added 2 brand new glass drawer knobs to the top drawer and to the front pulls on the doors to give the armoire a bit of glitz and glam. I picked these knobs up from Amazon for $10.78 for a pack of 10. Seriously, that’s a deal on knobs! Plus I now have tons of knobs to use on other pieces in the room. I did end up spray painting the silver finish on the bottom to the oil rubbed bronze to make them match better.

Glass Knobs


After all of this, I’m sure you’re just dying to see the before (we were moving when I took this so excuse the mess on the left)…

Armoire Before

But oh I am loving the after…

Painted Furniture Armoire

The TV fits in almost exactly into the space and since it’s on a slight rise the Blu-Ray player and cable box fit right under the base of the TV. I think we totally lucked out with that fit. The rest of the drawers will be used to hold movies, games and my Atari, until I go nuts and get it out to actually play with.

I couldn’t be happier with this armoire to entertainment center makeover and I’m glad I was able to keep this piece of furniture in my family.

Thanks for checking this project out. If you liked it, be sure to share it with your friends!

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