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Vintage to Modern Painted Nightstand Makeover

A few weeks ago, I picked up a really cool vintage coffee table and two end tables super cheap. If you were a kid in the 80’s like I was, I’m sure you remember these pieces. I had this exact same set in my house growing up,

Vintage Coffee Table Makeover

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared any new projects, but trust me that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any. The truth is, we just moved into a new house and I have so much painting and decorating to do, I’m practically up to my

Bedroom Makeover: Meet Mr. Tester

If you read a couple of days ago, you may remember that I am in the process of doing a dining room makeover. Well anyone who knows me knows I typically like to tackle more than one thing at a time so I thought I would also

My Home: A Dining Room Makeover

You may have seen my recent dining room table project. If not definitely take a peek because it turned out beautiful, it’s my new favorite piece of painted furniture. I thought I’d just do an update post to let you guys know what the inspiration behind that