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Vintage to Modern Painted Nightstand Makeover

A few weeks ago, I picked up a really cool vintage coffee table and two end tables super cheap. If you were a kid in the 80’s like I was, I’m sure you remember these pieces. I had this exact same set in my house growing up,

Vintage Coffee Table Makeover

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared any new projects, but trust me that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any. The truth is, we just moved into a new house and I have so much painting and decorating to do, I’m practically up to my

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Review

I recently completed a nightstand makeover that I did using the Modern Masters Warm Silver Metallic paint so I thought I would go ahead and give you guys a full review on this product. If you decide you want to give it a try on your next

Chalk Painted Furniture Waxing Basics

When it comes to finishing off your latest furniture project you probably already know that you need to protect it with a final layer of your favorite coating. There are several options for finishes from polyurethane to finishing waxes and everything in between. For us chalk painters

Bedroom Makeover: Meet Mr. Tester

If you read a couple of days ago, you may remember that I am in the process of doing a dining room makeover. Well anyone who knows me knows I typically like to tackle more than one thing at a time so I thought I would also

Random Writing: Procrastination is a Killer

It’s ok to talk about non-painted furniture topics here right? This is going to be the first of many random writing this month of May. I’m trying to train myself to write more consistently so I’m participating in a writing challenge to write a blog post every

Minwax Regular Finishing Wax Review

I use furniture wax a lot. I mean a lot! Every piece of chalk painted furniture gets a good wax. Not long ago, I did a review of the Minwax dark wax and today, I’m going to talk to you a bit about the natural finish furniture