Hello there and I’m so glad you stopped by PaintYourFurniture.com

MistyMy name is Misty, the crazy yet colorful girl covered in paint from head to toe almost every single weekend and this site just happens to be your little window into my brain.

In case you’re wondering a little bit about who this person is that keeps screaming obscenities about primer and dust particles landing in my paint, I thought I’d give you a little background into exactly who it is you’re thinking of listening to.

I’m a mother to 3 grown kids who are almost on their way out of the house and one baby monster that was part of a carefree experiment in thinking I could do it again at almost 40 years old. Don’t worry I’ve learned my lesson, but I love that little monster to pieces just the same.

The Grown Kids and Baby Monster

The Grown Kids and Baby Monster

In addition to being a mother, I’m also the wife to someone who is twelve years younger than I am. That’s right…12 years. Josh is my best friend and playmate and I absolutely adore him and his wickedly perverse sense of humor (almost as bad as mine). We got married in 2012 in a cute little chapel downtown without telling anyone…no not even our family. It was just the two of us, the CEO of the company where I work, his wife and my IT manager. I still think we should claim it as a business meeting and write it off.

The Surprise Marriage

No really it was all a surprise…yes that’s my CEO looking quite shocked.

We are both avid gamers and love spending a Friday night just hanging out in our game room teaming up to take out some bad guys. I think we may have saved the universe at least twice now. Okay, so he’s a bit more of a gamer than I am but I do enjoy some occasional Warframe or Alice in my spare time (wait…what’s that?).

Nerdy Game Room

Here’s a peak into our nerd dungeon…the game room. Baby monster even has her own place in it.

I’m the kind of person who learns by doing. I love to make mistakes…yes that’s right…LOVE IT! Why? Because I learn from mistakes, adapt, make changes and move on. It can only make me better at whatever it is I am doing. I’m also a firm believer in karma and that what you put into this world you will get right back. That’s why I decided to put those practices, mistakes and lessons right here on my website.

When I’m not painting furniture or redecorating things in my home, I’m usually working on other entrepreneurial activities such as writing for other blogs. Did I mention I love to write? Crazy about it actually…would do it full time as my career if it paid as well as my real job.

In 2011, Josh and I moved into a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home that was perfect for our growing family. It also was a rental. As you are well aware, rentals can make it a bit tough to decorate and really make a home feel like it belongs to you. Not only did we face the obstacle of it being a rental, but our budget consisted of the change you could find in the center console of my car.

I had to get creative if I wanted to have a home I could love. I had to learn to find pieces in thrift shops, on craigslist, at yard sales or even on the street. I also have had to learn how to get creative with paint, textures, specialty techniques and finishes to create pieces that looked like designer furniture but could be created on a very low budget.

Things are much better for us now and I could probably expand the budget a bit more but I’ve really come to love shopping on a dime. Treasures can be found anywhere for little to no money and I’ve found if I can look through the dirt, dust and scratches I can make any furniture piece beautiful.

This blog is fairly new and some of the projects are from the past that I’ve documented but I hope you will stick around with me and maybe even learn a bit from my mistakes and my successes! I have tons of new projects in the works, many tutorials I will catch up on and place here for informational purposes plus I’ll share lots of my own product reviews after I use something. You may just have to excuse the occasional baby monster gushing I may possibly participate in due to the incredible cuteness that she possesses.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy it!