Spray Painting Furniture: Best Brands and Techniques

Spray Painting Furniture: Best Brands and Techniques

Most every person who has ever felt the urge to make over an old table, chest, or vanity figures that the easiest method is to use the trusty paint brush and roller. Maybe that’s because most of us paint the walls that way. But truth be told, spray painting furniture can produce some really fantastic results as well…and tends to be a bit quick and easier too.

If you’ve ever tried spray painting before you’ll probably agree that it can be a bit tricky to achieve the results you’re really looking for, but as with most things practice makes perfect. No I’m not going to simply suggest that you find some old furniture and practice. Instead, I thought I’d give you some general guidelines you use to learn on your way to creating beautiful spray painted furniture.

Best Spray Paint Primer

Painters Touch PrimerFirst things first, let’s start with the best spray primer. After you’ve removed all the previous paint and sanded down the surface, I recommend to sand it again to smooth out any remaining rough surfaces unless you’re going for that distressed furniture look.

Then you’ll want to wipe down the surface with a tack cloth to get rid of any sanding dust before you apply the your spray primer. If you want to know my choice for spray primers, I recommend the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Primer because it gives really great results, but I absolutely love the nozzle on it. It makes one of the most comfortable cans of spray primer to use. Trust me, after you use spray paint for awhile, this will become very important to you! The Painter’s Touch primer works well on most any wood or metal furniture like cabinets, tables, dressers, and desks. It even works great on those hard to paint items like wicker furniture.

It is fast drying but not as fast as some other brands because the Painter’s Touch is an enamel primer which means it creates a more durable surface for protecting your furniture – another reason I like it. It also sprays well at any angle which helps in attacking those hard-to-reach areas, but first and foremost remember to shake, shake, shake the can.

Best Color Spray Paints

Painters Touch Spray PaintNow that your spray paint primer has dried it’s time to liven up your furniture with color. This is the fun part because there’s an almost endless variety of a spray paint color options available. I of course once again recommend the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch product line because I think it’s the best quality available. They have a great variety of colors and finishes but I tend to stick to the satin or gloss spray paint finishes. The paint cap colors are pretty true to the actual painted color and again, I love the nozzle. It makes it so comfortable to paint with.

One coat may be enough but I typically apply two and sometimes even three coats for achieving that deep gorgeous color. When spray painting furniture remember to spray in long continuous strokes with an even amount of spray, you’ll get the hang of it after a few sample sprays. Your goal is to have no drips! We hate drips!

When applying multiple coats be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendation for your work window. The work window is the time you have to apply your multiple coats before the paint dries solidly. As long as you stay focused on your project and are not interrupted you should have no problem applying multiple coats. Just remember to keep your coats somewhat thin and consistent and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Best Metallic Spray Paints

Best Metallic Spray PaintThe great thing about using metallic spray paints is that they can be applied to most any surface, whether it’s wood, plastic, masonry, or metal they will look fabulous and stand up to heavy use. Again I tend to stick with the Rust-Oleum brand for my recommendation as their metallic paints are reasonably priced and amazingly durable.

I do have to mention one of my favorite metal type paitns from Rust-Oleum is the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I absolutely love this finish for hardware and I’ve even used it on some larger pieces like a lamp. It gives off this really warm, not quite black but not quite bronze look to it and it’s just divine! If you like the darker metal tones, this is definitely the product of choice for you.

The Rust-Oleum spray paint has a non-clogging applicator and contains actual metal flakes to help produce that rich bright shiny color. Did I mention the nice comfy nozzle that fits my finger perfectly?

Best Textured Spray Paint

Best Textured Spray PaintFor an amazing one-of-a-kind look use a textured spray paint for some change in your painting habits. I’m going to switch gears here and recommend the Krylon Make It Stone spray paint. This paint creates a very realistic stone textured finish that will make any piece of furniture stand out and it’s available in textures ranging from black granite to travertine tan.

Spray it on that old toy box and your kid’s imaginations will run wild when they see the realistic stone texture finish. Apply it to an inexpensive piece of particle board furniture and no one will ever know that it was once a garage sale special.

Best Spray Lacquer For That Perfect Finish

Best Furniture Spray LacquerThe best way to protect these newly refinished pieces of furniture is to coat them with a spray lacquer for that perfect finish. I recommend the Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer Spray for best results because it dries in a mere 30 minutes and can be applied over virtually any type of painted or non-painted surface. I recently applied this to a laminate painting project and it was wonderful.

Using a spray lacquer is actually quite a bit easier than using a brushed lacquer as the spray variety can be applied in a thin and even pattern avoiding visible build-ups. Often a single coat is all that is necessary but remember to work somewhat quickly because it dries to the touch rapidly.

Spray painting furniture can be a bit tricky for the first time user but it may soon become the refinishing method of choice for you. Practice with the spray paint to get the right feel, remember to shake the cans well, and use these recommended best products to show off your designer quality talents.

That’s all for today and I hope you’ve enjoyed!

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