Minwax Special Dark Paste Finishing Wax Review

I started off using the Annie Sloan wax on my chalk painted pieces but at $28 a can, I was hoping I could find a cheaper alternative. I paid $7 for my can of Minxwax dark paste and used it on a recent furniture painting project and the results were almost identical to the other […]

How to Decoupage Dresser Drawer Fronts

This past week, I rescued a damaged dresser from my backyard. You can read more about why it was in my backyard on the project page, but the dresser itself was still in fantastic shape. The drawer fronts however, had all bubbled and warped due to moisture damage. Still, I painted the whole thing with plans to do either a decoupage or wallpaper finish on the drawer fronts to hide it and that's what I did with this project.

Spray Painting Furniture: Best Brands and Techniques

If you've ever tried spray painting before you’ll probably agree that it can be a bit tricky to achieve the results you're really looking for, but as with most things practice makes perfect. No I'm not going to simply suggest that you find some old furniture and practice. Instead, I thought I'd give you some general guidelines you use to learn on your way to creating beautiful spray painted furniture.

Walmart Brand Spray Paint Review

I typically don’t use the Walmart brand of Spray Paint, otherwise known as ColorPlace but I really wanted to at least give it a fair chance instead of just always recommending to stay away from cheap paint. I completed my latest furniture painting project using some of this paint and I think I’m ready to […]

How to Paint Laminate Furniture

Painting laminate furniture is a lot like painting other furniture pieces. I've picked up (or dragged from the garbage in some cases) some great pieces of laminate furniture and have been able to turn them back into great pieces for my home. Since I've done the How to Paint Furniture Beginner's Guide, I thought I'd go ahead and whip up a quick tutorial on painting laminate furniture as well.

Critter Spray Siphon Gun Review

The Critter Spray Siphon Gun may not look like much but if you’re looking for a fantastic, easy to use and inexpensive spray paint gun, this could be ideal for you. Once you’ve painted your fair share of projects using a spray can, you will really come to appreciate this little spray gun and how […]