New Wingback Upholstered and Painted Chair Project

I’ve been pouring through our local yard sale Facebook page again and came across this really lovely chair. I’ve been looking for a fun chair project to do since I’ve mostly been stuck on tables and nightstands for the last couple of months. I was hoping for a wood chair in good solid condition and fabric really didn’t matter to me because the other part that I wanted to try my hand at was upholstery. I thought about painting fabric since this blog is after all, about painting furniture, but I’m painting the chair frame so I think it still counts right?

Wingback Chair Project

What I love about this chair is the carved wood details and the large seat…perfect for those of us with a little extra booty. I also really loved the wing back style and it just feels very elegant to me. I think it will look fantastic in my bedroom. What I also loved about this chair is that I picked it up for the price of a pizza all because the fabric had some damage on the sides, which you can see are covered up by the little white fabric patches. Since I’m replacing the fabric, who cares!

I ran over and picked this chair right up. Sadly, I drive a 4-door sedan (no I’m not kidding) and to get this chair home, my poor husband had to sit in the backseat as we wedged this monster into the front seat. It was so close to me that I had to drive one-handed, lefty style for the 3 mile drive home. Not safe, I know this. But I needed this chair, ya know?

So, I will straight up honest with you, I’ve never upholstered any piece of furniture in my life. I don’t even think I’ve ever sewn a pillow to be honest, but after looking this chair over, it appears to be all staples. I see no sewn lines or anything that would scare me away.

Carved Wood Chair

I love the way the wood is carved and once we get some chalk paint in there, I think the details are going to just pop right out.

As for fabric…well, most of what I see on other blogs is that it seems everyone does these pretty light and airy fabrics. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are gorgeous. I’ve seen some beautiful pieces. And in fact, the colors I am doing in my bedroom are shades of ivory, silver and champagne…but…I also mix in touches of black and deep red. Most what I am doing in my bedroom is the light colors so I thought I’d go a little nuts with this project and do something bold. I’m going to go for a more red and black look…and possibly add in some of the champagne or silver color through a pillow or throw. Crazy? Yes…but I love the idea.

Red Damask Fabric

I found this really lovely red damask fabric from Hobby Lobby, and it was 30% off, so I snatched it up and brought it home. I think I’m going to pair it up with some dark grey/black chalk paint and distress is just enough so the dark wood shows through. I haven’t decided yet if I will finish it off with red or black trim but I think it will look great with either!

While painting furniture may not be new, upholstering furniture definitely is so I’m going to watch some upholstery videos and make sure I do this all correctly. Keep on the lookout for the updates to this chair project.

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